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CCNA R&S 6.0 Bridging

CCNA R&S 6.0 Bridging

Prepara gli Studenti per gli esami di certificazione Cisco CCENT e CCNA Routing & Switching. Consigliato per gli studenti CCNA attuali e recenti.

Course Summary

The most sought after networking career certifications are getting better. Cisco CCENT and CCNA Routing and Switching Certifications have been updated to meet the new demands of today’s networking careers. Cisco Networking Academy instructors who teach CCNA will be incorporating the new skills into current courses. Students who have completed courses in the CCNA Routing and Switching curriculum can enroll in the self-paced CCNA R&S 6.0 Bridging course to prepare for the updated certification exams.

  • CCNA R&S: Introduction to Networks now includes extended traceroute activities and more practice in debugging and network troubleshooting.
  • CCNA R&S: Routing and Switching Essentials has added material related to host routes, device discovery, NTP, and password recovery.
  • CCNA R&S: Scaling Networks has added VTP, extended VLANS, and DTP. You will also learn more about troubleshooting multi-VLAN and multi-area OSPF, switch stacking, and how to implement HSRP.
  • CCNA R&S: Connecting Networks has the most updates with new content in the areas of: WAN topologies, IP errors, security best practices, quality of service, cloud and virtualization, and network programming.

Languages: English, العربية, 中文(简体), Français, Pусский, Português, Español

Intermediate Duration: 20 hours      Self-paced / Instructor-led