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Introduction to the Internet of Everything Podcast

Introduction to the Internet of Everything Podcast

Una serie di podcast (Video) che forniscono una panoramica di come Internet of Everything (IoET) trasformerà aziendali, operazioni e carriere. Un complemento al corso IoT in cui è ospitato un gruppo di esperti, tra cui Dan Alberghetti, Rodrigo Floriano, Bernadette O'Brien, e Bob Vachon in una discussione di Internet e la sua evoluzione per l'interconnessione di persone, processi, dati e le cose. Beginning Self-paced

Series Details

Introduction to the Internet of Everything Podcast series is a complement to the full Cisco Networking Academy course. Jeremey Creech hosts a panel of experts including Dan Alberghetti, Rodrigo Floriano, Bernadette O’Brien, and Bob Vachon in a discussion of the Internet and its evolution to the interconnection of people, processes, data, and things.

Module 1: What Is the IoE? (27 min)  Download
The IoE consists of four pillars–people, process, data, and things–that interact to help people improve their quality of life. As we connect more things in our world, the real-time data that these objects provide will help people make better decisions and improve processes that create more value for industry, the environment, and our lives.

Module 2: Why Is My Alarm Clock Talking to My Coffee Pot? (27 min)  Download
As more sensors, actuators, and “things” become connected, IPv6 will provide unique addressing to accommodate the explosive growth of these devices and allow them to connect directly to the Internet. Also, Fog computing is becoming very important because it keeps collected data close to the source for real-time processing.

Module 3: How Do We Make This Work for Us? (24 min)   Download
Sensors and actuators communicate in many different systems that use proprietary protocols. Standardization of protocols will increase data value by reducing costs and improving productivity. This is especially important as the IoE benefits industries by converging operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) functions.

Module 4: Security and Privacy (25 min)  Download
Securing disparate devices using proprietary protocols is challenging. A holistic solution based on a secure network can mitigate the risk. Organizations must become more purposeful in assessing risks and handling private information facilitated by robust privacy policies.

Module 5: Big Data and the IoE (40 min)  Download
The future of the IoE is tied directly to Big Data. Prototypes are used to create models to support the variety, volume, and velocity that analysis of Big Data and cloud computing demand. This podcast explores a variety of online and local resources to help people become engaged with prototyping and prepare for their future in the IoE.

Languages: English                          Beginning             Duration: 2.5 hours            Self-paced